Making our way for a quick stock up we head out hunting for a solar panel, no luck. I was hoping to take some stress of the battery while parked up for longer amounts of time. Back in SA I will take care of this issue. But we did nab a headlamp for the bathroom at night and a new toaster.  Chicken and chips for lunch.


Top tip: Making toast… forget it. To light, to burnt, I give up. Please email your tips.


A very short drive out of town we find lake number 1, Otjikoto Lake.  The lake is littered with WWI items that were left behind, canons, guns and even stories of a safe that is still missing on the bottom somewhere. They have pipes coming up to feed old steam engines, assuming for water pumps for town from eons ago.  Happy with the history lesson we motor onto Lake Guinas, good little drive down.

Lake 1 Lake 2
The old boiler


We may have forgotten to refill the LPG bottles so on route south I quickly swing back into town and sort that out. Then we head for some caves to visit.  Quabbs camp is the stop we are headed for, on arrival we enquire about the cave, its 1100N for the cave entry and we need to drive the guide, this is an issue for a car with only 2 seats, then the camping on top is 500N, as that’s quite steep for camping I ask to see where the site is, and I am not allowed to preview the site.

A little to well used for my liking by it’ll do

Them “ you may just drive out in the morning and not pay”

Me “I will come back tonight and pay, I just want to see to make sure its worth it”

Them “we cant even let you in the gate without paying”

Okay…. we leave.

Smoke break

Gate after gate after gate

We head south through a few gates, Asareh is loving the gates. Sorta not. Don’t worry later on she gets pay back. We pass a farm that looks like it has activity near the gate so we pull a u-turn and pull in, We meet the farmers care taker, Silke, We ask if we can stay the night in the front yard. This was not a problem at all, we are welcomed in and quickly find ourselves in a Toyota going on a drive to water the animals. Swinging back to the farm we grab beer and munchies and head into the local hills to watch the sunset. Amazing drive. Silke then fires up the braai and we all sit and bullshit about life in general. The night finishes with amazing drinks, great laughs and new friends.


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