Up and molecule. Today is the cleaning day, the wagon has filled with dust over time and the tent needs a sweep out. We have access to laundry here so we get right to it stripping the tent empty and Asareh gets to test the 12V vacuum I bought. It actually works alright. Worth the room it takes up that’s for sure.  I spend quite a bit of time cleaning the interior, and do an inspection under the bonnet.

Worth it! Nothing beats a clean home while on the road

Top tip: Giving your wagon a prestart is always a good idea, it allowed me to catch my airbox missing a clip the day it happened instead of dusting a motor.

We even go as far as to strip the blue boxes and repack them more efficiently. We also make the choice to leave behind our cast iron grill plate. I figure the amount of use doesn’t justify the weight. There is 5-6kg shaved from the wagon. We also add new charcoal to the fridge, keeps it smelling fresh.

Time to relax and enjoy a drink, with fresh sheets in the tent Asareh heads for a nap and I work my way into town using the local taxi, the lady in the back gave me the weirdest look as they are shared here, and apparently not many white people hop in them. Have a good chat with the driver. Friendly guy. I grab his number so when I need to go shopping later he can give me a lift. 


Top tip: Taxis – I used a local taxi as the town was small and Namibia is what I consider a very safe country. Do not do this in Johannesburg. (South Afica) or your own safety.


In the museum there is heaps of old guns they pulled out of the local lake from the war, and a collection of rocks so stunning they have drool buckets. Formations I have never seen in my life. I even luck out and find some country flags for the wagon. Then the phone rang… oh no.. just kidding, Asareh is keen for swimming so I head back and we hop in the  1: largest pool in Namibia 2: coldest pool in possible the southern hemisphere. We manage a whopping 20 minutes of swim lessons.

Warming up in the sun we enjoy a quick drink before heading into town via taxi to avoid packing up camp, get stuff for dinner. Asareh does some meal prep for the next few days and I take care of dinner, Steak and salad. I should add we have a family rock into the campsite, didn’t hear a thing, 3 kids and a setup to complete. Possibly camped next to ninjas.  Head next door for drinks around the fire, They were headed back after suffering from a mechanical failure that ended their trip early,  (electric shock on a merc) They are still surprised we are working our way around alone in a mitsu.

There is so much going on here!!

Dinner underway Getting the coals ready


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