Waking up around 830, we are in no real rush today as we only have a short drive to Epupa. It takes us till 11 to get moving. 3 hour drive is ahead of us.  The road has been upgraded over the years to the anger of a few travellers as now anyone can use it which causes the road to get rough. But we soldier on.  Stopping at a few places to looks around. We even meet up with a local Himba woman.

We pulled off the road for lunch near the river in the shade. Nice spot away from the main drag. We get to Epupa and decide on spending a day sitting so we unpack for 2 nights. Asareh does laundry and I do some dust repairs on the wagon, now both sides are sealed fully, this is finally the cure for the dust issues from a few of what might have been my modifications lol.


Zebra mountains

We cook corn and eggplant for dinner which would of netted a spot on yelp review, by an amazing chef. I will add Asareh way of cooking corn then taking it for a bath is far superior to my method of finger burning with hot of the fire corn.

How good does that look


Top tip: Taking corn for a bath, this method is basically cooking corn over an open fire, on a grill not covered, once done you dip it in salted water till somewhat cool, spot on

Double day bonus!

We do nothing!!! I am at the bar at 11am drinking as you should be on a trip.  We spend the afternoon back at camp with tuna sandwiches and monkeys playing all over.  We meet our neighbours from France and have a small chat and decide to head back to the bar. But the sun was coking us due to a lack of shade so we end up back at camp. But we have invited the French to visit. Before any visitors arrive I pull out my emergency fishing gear in my knife to test out. It works, not well but I’m happy with the setup. With everyone around the campfire we share laughs and drinks, tonights desert special? Coconut chocolate cake.  We chat late into the night as we watch the spiders make their way through camp. Rough night of sleeping as at 2am a pig wakes us up, a couple of times. Ugghhhh go away.

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