We start the day negotiating a washout and picking a wheel up. Good road to begin on and wake up to. Shortly we find a turn off and head towards what should lead us to the highway? We will find out. Pushing on we come across a dry rocky area, a horse slowly walks across as dust blows, looks like it’s out of a movie.  The cows are very thin here, barely anything for them to eat.

Another hour or so later we hit the highway north and air the tyres back up, I noticed a few sticks that are so sharp have stuck right into the tyre. No wonder I get cut to bits with these things. 50kms later we arrive in Ruacana. We pull up to the community camp and have communication issues at the reception for some reason.

Close call

After we change our minds on camping there as I go barefoot heaps and this place is littered in glass. But we do grab some wood for the night. With some time to kill we up the border post, we are on day 13 and need the car permit extended. We rock up and right off the police say they can’t help us, they don’t do permits here. Okay, well I want to talk to customs. We spend about 30 minutes waiting for customs to rock up, guy has a broken leg and had to get a lift from town I assume. We rock up and I ask about extensions, he doesn’t understand and says he cant do it? Why not? He can’t do payments is the issue and is asking me why I want to pay again. I don’t, haha.

We get on the same topic and he says no issues, how long do you want? You mean 14 days? No no he will give me what ever I want, I match our passport visas, what a great guy. We leave happy campers after the stamps slam down on the vehicle permit form.  That’s the noise that defines Africa, the loud stamping noise.

In town I quickly do a small refuel and we head for the new camp, we buy tomatoes off the side of the road and fat cake for a snack of course. Camp is empty, we grab a spot up front and get a drink from the bar, they have a monkey there. Neat. The kids had caught it. We spend the night tucked away in the tent with popcorn and movies.

Best treat for the night

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