7AM the monkeys have gotten into our dishes. Noise noise noise. They were even taking my cutlery out of its window holder and jumping all over the awning. Clearly having a great time on their new playground. The hungover humans are not overly impressed. We start the day with coffee and chill, moving onto a suspension bridge to find a nice place to relax for a few minutes. In “town” we head to a lodge for brekky where we sit we are on top of the falls and can enjoy the sound in the back ground.  A short walk later we see the falls, very tight narrow canyon, not a lot of water  but it makes it look amazing as there is heaps of tiny waterfalls instead.


Heading down a dead end road we push west, Asareh somehow sleeps on the track, shows how good the suspension is setup. We cross over a pass, through valleys, past a small village. A road worth the side track if your vehicle can handle it. Expect 45* degree loose gravel climbs, rough rocks and its hot depending on the time of the year. We gave the wagon a solid work out.

We turn around and head back looking for a campsite,  upon returning to a steep climb I get stuck halfway up. I have to air down even lower, 10/15 psi. The buzzers are screaming about the traction system. Its hot and were pushing the wagon hard, but it makes it no issue.

We do find green grass here in the wild near a spring. Amazing. We arrive at camp and the flies are a bit rough so we just have a quick dinner and relax before pre packing everything for an early escape. I find a scorpion and the baboons sing to us late in the night.


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