Van zyls bound!!

We’re getting close but nervous. We bail camp by 8:20am. The flies. 1 hour later we near Okongwati and roll through town collecting a few little supplies, well, sugar and onions as that is all that is available. Although Asareh lucks out and spots fat cakes being freshly cooked, spot on we grab 4 for our coffee to follow. I find a private seller of diesel and purchase 20L just a small touch up in case. We get the wagon filled form small containers and I also inquire about water as we are a bit low, she says yupp and says here take my kid he knows the way, so we go driving through town with this kid crammed in the car. Water is available from 1 Namibian dollar a liter, about 10c. We get 40L so we have drinking water topped right up and head back to drop the kid off.

Thems the rules

I have a chat with the owner of the place where we got water and ask about a few areas on the map, he points to a few empty sections on the paper map but are 4wd tracks, I ask about them and once again, get the well, you’re pretty young and the vehicle could be an issue. Blah blah blah… Is it worth the drive or not? I mark it down as a must see, and 1km out of town we setup for some coffee and fat cake. Working our way further in through himba villages and twisty roads we find heaps of kids about, they try to jump on the wagon.  We pass through a abandoned village and take a few photos before moving on to camp for the night.



We have a few bugs out during the day but eventually they leave. Enjoying chicken and rice for dinner we sit back and play back gammon, have a few drinks, and even colour in the map to see how far we have been. Asareh does some meal prep for tomorrows big day. Will we be ready?


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