We have once again pre packed the night before for a quick escape in the morning, We have some big miles to cover today as we think we only have 14 days.  Asareh has made a fruit salad. A quick stop in town to get sim cards and fuel. We finally make an exit around 12. We make good time and finally get pulled into a police check point, first one in Namibia. The plates, its always the plates, we explain we are travelers and have a quick chat, we are asked if we have seen the movie. We have not, still need to watch it.  We continue on and buy wood for 5N a piece.

Stopping for the night at a small place out of the way we talk with the locals and decide they should open a campsite as a few travelers stop in there. I call his cousin in Windhoek and we discuss a plan and bam, they now have an income. We suggest a price of 50N per car and they agree. We have a beer together then they head back home.

We are parked up under a giant tree, which makes me nervous. I bust the drone out for some fly time and Asareh takes care of laundry. We do take a small dip in the river.  Relaxed with our feet in the water and a beer as the sun sets. Life is good.  We finish the night with abgosht for dinner, and its spicy. Tons of chili oil. Topping off an amazing dinner I ruin the pallet by trying a ginger beer flavoured tonic water. We finish with tea instead. A safe bet.


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