Welcome To Botswana

We are up early as its freezing, 2c outside. Coffee never tasted so good. With Amarula that is. Packed up we motor for the border but of course take the back roads because why not. Most of this trip will end up being dirt roads.

No one was keen to get out of bed Almost touched one They eat your wiper blades if you’re not careful

Motoring back along dirt roads, we zigzag our way north finally popping out on the main road.

Corrugations weren’t to bad Abandoned haul trucks Finally pavement again

We roll past a couple kms of parked up trucks waiting to cross, but in a Car you get to head straight to the border, a quick couple of stamps and we are out of SA and on our way to a new country! Pulling into Botswana we get our stamps and a CIP for the wagon, pay the road tolls, and were gone. It’s a 20 minute process at most if its somewhat busy.


Top Tip: Remember to make sure you state a full 30 days required for your car permit otherwise they try to give you 3-7 days so you will get a fine. always double check, something not right, get it redone. it may be Africa but they love paperwork.

And were good!
Welcome to Botswana, now the trip really starts


Pulling into Gaborone we get sim cards and a meal. Making our way rather late to the campsite. Blue tongue is where we stay, you can just get a vehicle in with a RTT. We enjoy our night and have some Turkish coffee to top it off.


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