In the morning there is a bit of confusion at the hotel as I try to sort a good workshop, but by luck the parking lot attendant knows a very good workshop, we head on out to Teknikeren garaj where I am introduced to Eren. A top-notch bloke who helps me with the wagon and also drives me around for over an hour hitting shops to try to find either a used line or find a shop that can supply new. Sadly, we have no luck at that but he is able to locate a line and can have it shipped to me in a day no issues. What a win!

I should add, while I was at the shop Asareh helped herself to this little meal!!

So, we spend the day walking around down, through the market and into the bar… neat how that works. Now the thing this area is famous for is the apricots, you can get them all over, and I mean all over. Plus, the butchers were pretty loaded as well. I love shopping here. We leave with an extra 4kg of food we probably done need, but will be eaten. We got some stuff that to this day would kill for. So good, have no idea on the name. The parking lot worker offers us a tour of town which we agree to and enjoy the sites of the city from a local. the people are very friendly. 

The next morning, I get a call that the part has arrived and we limp the wagon down to the shop and before I know it, they have chocolate, cookies and coffee out for us while they get to work on the wagon, now normally I am pretty picky on the wagon, but his level of care was so good I wasn’t even worried. Highly recommended. It takes about 2 hours to properly take care of the issue and we are ready for the road. I go to pay, and he will only accept payment for the part but not labour, so after some back and forth I decide to make a donation to his race car, which he finally agrees to. I felt way too bad to walk out for not paying for that level of quality.


Our next stop, 6000-year-old, possibly first village, every created. Its still in works as it is excavated. Pretty cool to see how it worked. They had money, and stores and it was the beginning basically. We don’t stay to long as we have to make a few miles for camp that night, where we cross another 4 rivers and find a spot in the valley which is well worth it… except for the giant camel spider that terrorizes the campsite. Ugly doesn’t even begin to describe them, and are they ever fast (16kmh) But alas we relax and get a great sleep after a good meal.

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