Haha, get it? Cause of the giant tunnels we go through? We must first start our trip leaving last nights camp where the last few water crossing are causing the wagon to stay locked in 4wd due to water in some switches which is odd as to date has never happened again. But we wait about 15 minutes and it is hot enough we are able to drive back in 2wd. I could of gotten under and fixed in instantly but couldn’t be bothered. We swing through town and stock up for another 3 nights in the bush and work our way north to Karanlik kanyon, a highly rated drive.

But first, let me take a selfie? Nahh breakfast. That is key, after some tight roads through villages we end up in Kemalliye where we grab an amazing breakfast from a neat little restaurant with all sorts of neat old items to check out. Worth the stop for sure as they even had this juice, flavoured with some sort of herb, I cant remember sadly. But we did buy a liter to take with us.  A few beer loaded into the wagon we head north. A small tunnel opens up into a tight valley where we begin our drive.

A little history is that this was hand dug originally and is now fully made for trucks to even pass, it took over 100 years to complete, yet when finished the government had finished construction of a new road that made it obsolete as it was completed therefore its just a tourist drive now with a few locals using it as required.



We have a blast, and even bust the drone out for some great photos, there is so much to take in. and overall is a drive worth the visit. We find a small pull out and decide this is perfect for the night. We have a view, and protected from the wind and even have a natural spring next to us for washing. I of course send the drone out for some photos then we enjoy a beer. A beer always leads to a mangal and I bring out some chicken Asareh had prepared earlier. What a view to cook to. We are blessed with a clear night and watch the stars travers the sky before calling it a night on the edge of the road.

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