I’d say its not normal but I would be lying, we normally cover some serious ground in towns on foot, although not as bad when I took Sean on a 10km tiki tour that led to an apartment block across town instead of an old fort… oops.

Leaving the hotel after alight breakfast we roll into town and its packed, cars everywhere so we luck out and find a side parking where its almost empty, well until we returned. We walk through the town admiring the architecture which was largely untouched form the late 1800’s due to the world wars both missing Ukraine (It terms of cities getting heavily destroyed center cores) our goal is to make it to the Potemkin stairs of course though we stop for ice cream and wander our way there, also swinging through the monument to Catherine II,

Then Asareh spots it, the cheese shop!! Hot cheese, sweet cheese, cheese that is of questionable flavour for us… top notch little shop just by the last statue we were at, they also sell wine to pair so obviously left there loaded for our next little camping picnic setup, photos of that later though. Now laden with bags we work our way back to the wagon so we can swing to out Airbnb for the night, a nice little apartment that is modern and has parking for the wagon, which is great as the battery for the fridge is really struggling after the ferry ride and not a long drive to allow it to recharge.

With a shower and a fresh set of clothes we head back into the city for drinks, our first stop in the park at the city garden where we posed on statues and found a crazy good rib place. Top notch food, 10/10 would eat again. With our bellies filled we wandered into town and after some back and forthing over an add that looked like a strip club we enter, not a strip club, just a mix of night club/bar and this is where the night gets hazy, drinks are cheap. They have hilarious shows and for one Asareh has to wear a WW2 helmet which the drink gets banged on before you can drink. Great night overall.


The night is cool and the city feels quite safe as we wander back to our Airbnb to sleep off the drinks. Tomorrow we will stock up and head out.


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