And show up tomorrow night in a major storm with sideways rain please.. But today we pack up and leave Odessa and we have no real destination in mind, we are just following the road west. We have a late start as we are feeling slightly hung over and still need to do a stock up. Which I loved, all the pork you can handle. Salami for days. Due to this we don’t cover many kilometers today and end up only stopping and looking at 2 churches.  Both churches were located in Lymanske and were worse for wear. But still beautiful to look at. In some photos the smoke stacks from the communist period add some contrast to what would normally be a clear sky for miles. They have tanks on display at a few small towns to commemorate the winning of WWII

We eventually go searching for places to camp and find it a bit challenging. Some areas are way to wet to get into. Others clearly a farmer owns. We do luck out and spot a small road that leads to a fantastic little hideaway where we pull up for the night. We get 1 beer in and the rain begins, then leaves, then starts again. It finally does clear up and we enjoy a hot humid night that makes Africa look like a cake walk. Luckily this time we came prepare, and hilariously enough, the only real preparing we did. A small usb powered fans hums away above us all night. This has been a game changer.

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