The call came, the dreaded call…

“Hello, Asareh, your apartment smells like dead fish like the fridge has quit”

Ahhh man, we quickly book a flight as we hadn’t left a key with anyone back in Antalya and Asareh will be on her way home in no time at all. Luckily at the end it wasn’t our apartment, it was next door. Which was also an annoyance as now I am to finish the trip on my own.

But we make the best of the day starting with a killer brekky and a view to match. Its was a great stay, I still have 1 night left, which I will spend on my own. So we spend the day working our way into the mountains but of course we stop for coffee and relax. We luck out and find a little bridge that we access after cutting through the sharpest shrubs known to man. Then we finally have to turn around to the airport. An easy drive along the black sea, we grab a small feed on route and before I know it I am finishing the trip.

Back at the hotel I start prepping for my section, mapping a route through the mountains. Getting to the highest elevation I can find. And lucky for you guys this is a 2 part blog. I enjoy the same awesome breakfast the next morning and hit the road. But not before a full refuel and hitting town for a few food items, its kebab every night!!!

I stop in at the coffee shop and do a section of my course then motor on, Our first stop, a super crowded waterfall. Impressive, but very busy so tough to get a good photo. But worth the stop to see as who doesn’t love a waterfall and the road is tight and twisty. I don’t get far today though, only 50kms from my start point as I pull off next to the river for a camp. I spend the first bit cleaning up garbage as it is a lovely spot and sadly rubbish is a big problem here. But afterwards I am happy and settle in for a night of sheesha, kebab and tea. Tomorrow we go up and up and up!!!

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