The tent is pooling some water this morning so my wake up call is brutal and quick. But a coffee makes all okay. We have 1 thing to do today and this is to drive the D915. So we hammer straight to Bayburt for a refuel and head north. The road starts very easy and is paved. But the wind is insane. Its able to push the wagon backwards, up a slight incline! Insane. It also tells me I may have some serious wind resistance on the highway as well. But ill deal with that later.

The flowers were incredible

As we crest the pass we look down into the mist covered valley and begin our decent on the gravel track. Some areas are a bit tight, yet some wide enough to pass another car if so required. I do believe there was only 1 turn where I was required to do a 3 pointer, although maybe in a longer vehicle it could be an issue elsewhere.

As we drop down the mist clears and get a view of the valley, its lovely, now the road itself is a piece of cake, but the view is totally worth it. Plus I guess some bragging rights for those that don’t know it. We continue heading north and see the Black Sea again, its been a few years for us. But we quickly turn south at Rize and head towards our little hotel we have booked for the night as we have had enough tenting and have decided to spoil ourselves.

But first some more coffee, we stop at a small roadside place for a quick drink and I finally see a tea plantation, and boy is it steep. I have no idea how they do it, but it works. Very cool day and we finish with hot showers and a bed which is always nice. That night we head out for dinner and enjoy some kebabs with the sound of rushing water below us. Top notch Turkey, top notch.


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