What a day this was, stunning roads, friendly people, and some good food.  We started today with an early rise so we could pack up for our 8am breakfast meet up. And as stated, he is waiting for us at the agreed time. This was one of those early pack ups that once again freezes my fingers. Arriving at our new friend’s house (Sorry forgot names) we sit at the table, and what a view of the mountains, just lovely. Our breakfast is 100% all made by them, from the cheese, to the salted meat, to the jams and jellies.

Our great hosts


We are over the moon, we even get cheese curds, which for Canadians know, is a critical ingredient in Poutine… which also sounds an awful like Putin… our hosts are retired Russians…. Oh boy. I am scrambling with 1 bar of 3g to try to translate or get a photo of what I meant, he is just saying “No Putin” lol. Oops. Lesson learned. Otherwise, breakfast was great, and they showed us their storage area prior to leaving, and provided us with apples and 2 jars of jam, plus some extra fruit. We gave them our box of Candy we were saving for home, but they deserved it more. As of January 2023, I am enjoying the last remnants of the jam we got.

But alas, we must move on as we have a plane to catch. Onward we arrive at some massive passes, we climb and climb, and even take some stunning photos of the rig in its natural environment. I even pick a little flower for Asareh.

Coming up to Sts. Paul and Peter Church its time to stretch the legs. Very cool classic church from a few years ago we will say. There is much to explore as it was also a school and has a lot of artifacts to view. Worth the visit. Church is still active so as we do, we light a candle in memory of loved ones.


Its feels like a big drive day due to the low speeds, but as we get near our camp, we spot the Armenia stone henge and find some extra energy to go for hike. Zorats Karer, we begin walking up and pass a fellow leaving, I say hello and in a heavy Ozzy accent he says Hi back. Wait a minute. He explains he is on a tour of all the ancient artifacts and states due to having a rental car he cannot visit the petroglyphs, I love petroglyphs, armed with this new knowledge and completely ignoring the bit where he said its impossible till June, I have already set course for tomorrow.

This hole aligns perfectly on the summer solstice

We still somehow manage to end up at camp for our normal 4pm shut down limit. Armenia is a small country so you can cover some serious ground pretty quick. We have parked ourselves up in a large valley with a river flowing through it, one of the rivers with the soft looking algae the flows with the current. The water is crystal clear. Pina, not a fan of the water still for some reason has to rock hop and be a pain for me to wrangle him back. That is of course… till the cows arrived. Not so tough anymore.


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