Ohhh yes, that’s right, today we leave Iran. And head for that sweet sweet country of pork and beer. Our host at the Airbnb (not actually called that, Iran has there own) shows us around the property, it is very well decorated and the rooms are clean. We grab a coffee then head into town as today we have to make sure I have not collected any speeding tickets, which is accomplished by going to the office for traffic offences, you then wait a bit as they search your rego plates, with a clean record, they give me a slip of paper required to leave the country and return the temp rego plates. easy as if you know where to go. 


Returning the plates is painless, we pull in, get in line and a guy with a drill removes the plates for me. Afterwards we spend maybe 10 minutes inside sorting out the Iranian carnet and more slips of paper required for the border. All up we are still out of town before 11am which honestly, I thought was amazing.


We motor to the border crossing and prepare. We were going to meet a helper to get us through, but he was not much help. We sorta just got pointed out the door and told to go that way. Okay, go that way and do what? Anyways, as always the truckers are super helpful and inform us we need to pay the fuel tax, 80USD, and my tanks have to be inspected. Since the jerry cans were empty this is easy.

After some seriously tedious back and fourth to the most unorganized office we finally have all the papers to drive to the passport office. The officer here is very friendly and chats with me while I wait for Asareh’s exit payment to be sorted. We are so close!!!

In the car we drive through the last gate and hit no mans land, and let me tell you that head scarf was off and damn near out the window in mere milliseconds. We have to stop on the bridge to get approval to continue into the Armenian side, this is a slight issue as Australia’s paperwork looks not very legit, so there is a slight issue, but all is sorted with a quick phone call, I’m sure all the truckers are happy as I am holding up the bridge.

Inside we get a 1 year permit, Pina doesn’t even need to be seen and the wagon, once again annoying the truckers cuts in line for the x-ray, all in all maybe 1.5 hours for all paperwork including insurance. Our insurance guy also happens to run a mobile shop so we head for sim cards just outside customs and what do you know? There is a bottle shop right next door. Asareh is on it!

We drive for maybe 30 minutes before once again, finding a farmers field to pull up in. we at first are stopped on the road, and questions are asked, once he realizes we are Australian and just want to stop for a break he is very happy and directs us into a small grass area.


That first beer feeling. Life is good again. Our stop for the night is just up the road and through a small village. It’s a lovely little camp area, next to a river. Its going to be a cold night so we collect a little wood and make sure the heater is once again ready to go. Word spreads quick and we have a visit from a retired Russian couple who invite us to their place for the night, but we had dinner on, so we suggested breakfast. The husband says he will meet us at 8 to guide us to their place.


Iran Overview:

7600kms covered

600L of free diesel

6 weeks overall

And many many memories.


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