No one wakes up happy today; I am in slightly better shape and meander for breakfast. Asareh sleeps till 11, and even then was not feeling very well at all. Lunch really did a number. To fill in the time I do some cleaning and small repairs on the wagon. With Asareh up and moving we hit the road at noon and work our way towards the coast. I plan on driving the river all the way, with some help from Henry again I see there is an is an old track mapped out and drop way points on my gps.

This was a rough day, the wagon rides smooth but even then being sick is never a good time. We pass a stunning 2 vehicles within the first hour doing day trips from white lady, this would be the last vehicles we see on the track for the next 2 days. The trail slowly gets less and less used, making for a smoother drive in some areas although some areas are untouched rocks it seems. 

Once you go 10 meters from the rivers edge there is nothing

The dust is insane

The rock formations out here are stunning, apparently it’s from an old volcano that covered a sand dune filled desert, with remains of rock locked sand dunes still tucked away in some areas. The folds and slices are like formations I have never seen before, and they are everywhere.  Halfway down the track we decide its tea time and hop out, I find lion tracks but no lions. We look and look but to no avail. I even hang out the window yelling “here kitty kitty kitty” while Asareh drives.  We power straight up and over the mountain pass, stopping for a few photos and checking out the old mine that is left. Only the old footings and some cement tanks remain.

Asareh Behind the wheel


At camp which is maybe 2km down the track we set up in a nice little fenced off area, which I assume is for lions/wind as we are warned not to venture far at night. The only place I venture at night is to the beer fridge. Asareh sneaks away for a nap and I spend some time chatting with another couple of campers, they questions my khaki clothing option, hey, I like this stuff haha. All is good as I take a few pot shots at being a Toyota owner. Fair is fair in my books. But in the end we all agree that Van Zyls is a bit over rated and enjoy a drink together.

Interesting find along the track The old mine site


The camp is run on donations, and they have a small area to read up on the formations and the rhinos in the area. Worth the stop. I get a small fire going and prepare to cook dinner, a scorpion has decided to join us as well. Still feeling a bit rough we retire for an early night. Hyenas laugh in the background echoing through the valleys.

Our protected camp site The locals housing next to camp


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