Back in the wagon I cut across the back routes and we head south towards white lady, we stop about 10kms south for lunch. Russians and ciders. A good call as it’s a bit cool out with the wind. A family of giraffes wander around just down from the wagon paying us no attention. Moving on the brandberg range slowly grows in the distance, it raises almost 2kms from the desert floor.  A sight to behold. The track weaves through the flats and around rocks outcrops. We drop down a bit more and pop out into the campsite.

Lunch stop

It’s a decent resort, and we sit down for a drink, which eventually turns into lets get a room. Why not? A few more drinks to be had. We decide to book 2 nights and watch the sunset from on top of the rocks.

I finish the night by having a drink that is basically pure booze. A bit rough on the system, Where as Asareh gets selected to dance and sing along with the workers. They even sing a song about Toyotas… marketing 101



Into town we go. Amarula is stop number 1. Coffee is nothing without this amazing touch. We stop in at the local restaurant for a feed and talk to the owner about the local tin mine that is shut down.  We find out there is an old access road in so we go take a look, we spend so much time rock licking we don’t take a single photo. Its that amazing. I am loving it, still have some quarts in the wagon from it even.

I refuel and then we head back out to the ranges for some touring and go exploring. We spend a few hours in the hills playing around then head back to camp to relax, we do discover a house built into the hills though. pretty cool.   We have lunch and dinner at the lodge, lunch makes both of us sick, but Asareh much more than me.


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