We get the fire started back up and use it to  make coffee as we are pretty much out of LPG in both tanks. The sun takes ages to creep over the mountains. But a short time later we find ourselves working through the rocks to get back to the river bed to continue on.  Shortly after we arrive at the exit, and its got a small gate, ahhh shit. We have to pay 300N to get out. Apparently. What a cluster. No signs coming from the other way so I assume we were fine. I ark right up, Asareh quickly jumps in and we piece together a close amount after they threaten to call the cops… but we pay in Rands as that’s all I have floating around in the wagon at this point. I brake boost and leave a cloud of dust.

The coals were hot enough to boil water

After a few kms we stop so I can stretch and calm down a bit. Then make our way through some of the worst bull dust to date, we get coated, but the wagon stays clean on the inside which is an absolute win. Pulling into town we quickly go sort out diesel, which doesn’t happen. We are completely out of Namibian dollars, they don’t take us dollars and there are zero atms in town or places open for money. Well damn. Only one thing to do in a moment like this, have lunch and a drink. We luck out and find  a place that will accept us dollars are grab a seat, with maps on the table, note books out and my gps we begin looking for fuel. 250kms away is the closest I have found, I still have both jerry cans on top, but that’s it.

The meal was amazing though, chicken and rice. Hoping in the wagon we start down somewhat decent dirt roads, the tyres are still running low pressure to eat up the corrugations. I don’t even make it 50kms down the road and it’s time to refuel, were not dry but the light has been on for about 70kms of offroad which means empty.

These mercs are all over. the official car of Africa

Top tip: running a diesel engine dry has adverse effects on your pump and its life, diesel is its lubricant so try to avoid driving till its starts missing. 

Asareh taking care of the tyres Refueling has begun

Pulling off I transfer fuel and Asareh begins adding about 10psi in every tyre to ensure we get slightly better mileage to push to Khorixas.  This is enough and we roll into town and touch that sweet sweet pavement. Oh it’s so smooth.  The petrol station is right next to our campsite so we don’t refuel, and head straight in. A car wash for 60N and the toughest steak dinner was had, although the G&T was good.


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