A shower and coffee get us running at a decent hour and we pick up Chiko, and with Asareh sitting on the center console we go to meet his family and buy some diesel from a local house.  We meet his wife and child and gift them the rest of the cake we made the night before. Pulling up for diesel I realize we are running short on cash and can only afford 15L which I am fine with as we will get full at Sesfontein in 2 days time anyways.  I will remind we are going into day 9 without a proper restock and supplies are running low, we didn’t realize how remote northern Namibia is even in the more popular areas. We have enough for 2 more days we figure.

Getting my 15 liters

We do have enough fuel to make our stop so we figure why not push it a bit more and go do some more 4 wheeling. Heading down the river we hit soft sand to begin but that disappears quickly as we hit nice hard pack and water! And green grass!! This is amazing. The desert can surprise you As we turn to leave the river bed the barren land opens back up.

Sun, Sand and Secluded Nothing for miles and miles

But when you are on the nice flat ground nothing better to do then chuck in your headphones and ride on the roof. Get a tan, get a nice cool breeze. Life is good. We find ourselves back in the rocky area and spot a lone tree, this in lunch, Asareh goes for a quick climb to show off her skills. I, being nice decide not to show her up. Lunch is a lovely picnic style feed. And I do believe that was that last of the tomatoes and pickles.

Play time

Moving on we hit another river bed, the Hoanib, and start working our way back out to Sesfontein, we see desert elephants and a rather large assortment of animals for such a dry place. While hunting for a campsite in the bush I spot oddly shaped rocks and pull out the binoculars for a closer look, we have discovered a remote 5 star campsite, fly in or get driven in. fancy fancy. We pull up and ask about a room just to see, but it is fully booked so we grab a seat at the bar for a drink as we are running low on drinks our self.

The star of the show

We figure we seen upwards of 40 elephants along the river plus others

Moving on we find an area in the mountains to setup camp, it feel surreal, it barren and the colours are just something else. With Asareh wielding the axe she begins chopping up the goat leg, I am well clear during this process. For my own safety.  The wind picks up so I use the tent cover for the cooker and rocks for the fire the make wind breaks. 3 hours of cooking later we get to eat. It tastes great.


And just to add to the moonless night I get the fridge cable caught on the slide and knock out all the lights, from lit up camp to pitch black, you could hear the lions coming in. LOL. Okay not that bad, a little bit of copper wire around the fuse and we were back in business. Apparently during packing I got all the required fuses except 30 ampers. Live and learn.

The setup for the night Follow the angry chef on instagram!!! lol


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