Here we are in the Democratic Republic Of Congo!! Enjoy these photos of us working our way around. I have just added small descriptions under the photos for where it is and what was going on. ENJOY!

The route selected

It started with having to head to DRC for work and instead of fly like a normal person we figured why not drive? We would still arrive the day we were required to anyways. We hammed up 4 days, the border crossing was a bit of a nightmare but we eventually got in as the sunset which made the 1.5 hour drive to Lubumbashi a nightmare in the dark, on coming trucks with high beams and led light bars, add to this being a RHD in a LHD country added a challenge for passing, but with a solid trust base I would poke the wagon out and Asareh would say go or no. even having to time it one time between stakes in the road.

The road to and from work


We did get out for a few explores in the area. Even got some fishing in. lovely country honestly, shame about the corruption and issues up north as I would love to travel it more.

After 2 months it was time to leave so I hammered it alone to Joburg in an amazing 3 day period. This required some solid timing to make the Zambia Botswana ferry before it closed. I figure it would have been a 2.5 day trip but I lost 2 hours pulled over in Zambia for insurance disc issues. But it was a good drive. To date the wagon is still locked up in South Africa waiting for shipping to be arranged, so hopefully before end of the year I will get it sent out.

Street cred 101 Parked up since March 14th and counting


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