With borders closed for ages I finally got a window with South Africa opening up and I wasted no time in preparing the logistics to get the wagon packed up and shipped out. With a port of exit chosen, I hoped on a plane and headed to Joburg. I arrived on the weekend so couldn’t sort out much customs stuff so I headed to the storage unit and began cleaning. After sitting for 10 months, it required a very small boost even with the batteries unhooked. Although they are holding a charge now no problem so that is good news. We had so much stuff as we were using this as a base for work as well as we travelled about.

Just as I left it The big clean began…

Monday morning came around and I began making calls, and somehow, I actually got through. This is amazing for African government. With what I thought would be a downtown job kept me upbeat and waiting for the return call. 3pm rolls around. No call. I begin calling around, mind you I am on a tight time frame. I ask if they have a definite answer on shipping on an expired TIP, I get the ol “should be” not good enough. I setup a meeting at the Botswana border 420kms away.


Up early and gone, set the cruise control and just enjoy the drive, arriving at the border it only takes about an hour to get my new TIP and avoid all future problems. This is critical, you need the paperwork to be proper or else you will run into problems or attempted brides. Even if it is legal. I do snap a great photo at the tropic of Capricorn. And find a good chicken burger. Huge shout out to Kells for the custom stickers. finally got around to that. 

With all that sorted it’s time to pack the wagon back to travel spec. loading up all the gear takes almost all day as I have to label it for Turkish customs for arrival as there is a slightly different process here as I am a temp resident soon. It’s a short 550ish km drive to Durban. I have left the tanks full as I figure the wagon will check juice loaded again, but it doesn’t. Still had some AUX tank left over. The drive was nice, 30c weather and sunny. Can’t complain at all. I rocked up to my mate’s place, Iva. Was supposed to be for 2 drinks then head to the Airbnb, but that never works. I end up crashing there to avoid driving after a few to many.

I arrived early enough to get my covid test sorted. clean both ways. first time I had to sit in a line, in my car. everywhere else has been on foot, and a lot gentler. 

I was close to pulling a chair out

I get an email saying they want to move loading up to 7am. With a slight hurting head, I get rolling and head to the loading area. The container is sitting in a trailer backed up to the loading doors, in the tightest spot with boxes, wood, and people’s personal items for shipping all over. Some careful maneuvering later I am lined up. I proceed to finish the roof labeling and air the tyres down to 0 in the rear and remove the RTT ladder for clearance. It’s a tight fit.

Tight area to work in In and getting aired back up


With the wagon loaded, aired back up and strapped in we close the doors on the Africa chapter and prepare for Turkey. Kesh informs me customs has accepted the TIP for shipping and all is good. With that sorted I meet up with Brydon and his missus from the Pajero club and go drinking. Its time to celebrate.


That’s it for another 45ish days I do believe….


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