Eggs on toast followed by a cold shower, Lets roll. Pack up and were off.  We hit the pavement, I put the foot down, then promptly begin braking, we have hit our 300 meter quota of black top for the day and hit the gravel again.

Packing up

If you want to travel on gravel in Namibia, you can cross the country easily.  I follow my map and end up at a massive gate, we gain access and continue to a house that looks like it’s a 5 star resort, I ask if we can continue through the road to reach another joining road, I get an answer that jogs around just saying no. The usual, it’s too hard for you, no ones used it in years, That’s fine, can we go or no? No, okay we turn around and head back.


Crossing a vet check we see tons of giraffes. Turning off the main road we hit a trail, and wander well off the marked roads. We find a nice place to park up. We are tucked away and begin setup. The wagon is teetering on a pile 3 rocks high to level the tent. The flies are horrid, not often we have this issue, but it’s all good. Its haircut time for me as my mop is getting out of control. Spot on job by Asareh. We reheat the potato rice and make some fresh salad for dinner. We find a heap of wood but don’t burn it all. So one lucky explorer will have enough or a night themselves.

The track in


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