Well, not fighting with people, just with the car. This is our first attempt at highway in the 40c heat, and let me tell you these mountains are giving me grief, as its mostly below 60kmh where we need the fan to aid, so we struggle, it never overheats, but it gets to 105c which is where we back out of it and stop for a small break. We struggle but the road finally levels out, our first stop, is for breakfast in the grass!

It’s always smiles before the issues start


Then of course we need to get fruit. Plus, the wagon looked good parked up here. I think I wound the winch rope up the next day? Lol. Make sure it was clean and dry before storing.


Our first stop is a small monastery that is abandoned. The road was crazy narrow but worth it for a initial taste of what is to come. Did we mention it is getting hot out?

Our second stop of the day is by fluke, we find a cave on the road to the Noravank monastery thanks to Asarehs searching on google maps. Here there were leather shoes discovered a few thousand years ago! It is worth the stop. I even seen some huge jugs! Everybody wins.


The road to Noravank is once again slow and windy, causing grief with the wagon. The temp sensor is saying we are seeing 45c outside. But we make it and enjoy the monastery. Asareh was worried about the shorts, since it is still an active church, but the pastor gave us the all clear to go have a look without covering up. The scenery is incredible.


We decide to pull into the bush behind the church, after an ice cream of course, and park up to discuss our options. The decision is made to turn back, since it is a short drive to Yerevan and spend the next day hunting for parts in town. At least we had an amazing dinner back at the camp ground. And maybe a few wines…


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