This time with a CAT! Yes that is correct we have added a family member, Pina. Our Scottish fold. He has a nice little seat in the center of the car where he sleeps most of the time. Day 1 was a little exciting, as it was his first long long trip, he has been on many short trips. For this trip we are headed to Iran where we will spend the next 6 weeks adventuring around the western side of the country. The east will need to wait till we have more time.

But first, we must talk about our critical upgrade for this trip, as this trip started in March 2022, so still winter. We installed a webasto diesel heater, which is able to keep our tent and a perfect 20c all night. This baby was worth every penny and saved our bacon many nights. The cat also agrees it was worth it. I ended up cutting into the rear door for the install.

And a hard worker earns himself a drink prior to leaving of course

Heading out, we quickly make miles to our first overnight stop, Cappadocia, the city of caves, and of course we do book into a cave, mainly cause prices are quite low due to covid and no tourists and winter, the town is empty, we struggle to even find a restaurant to eat at. But it’s a lovely night either way and sleeping in a bed is always win win on the start of a trip. The cat is also settling in nice.

The big moment of the day, it is international women’s day and Asareh receives flowers at the petrol station! What a lucky lady.



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