Ohhh… Asareh will love this blog!! But first we must pack up and leave Ireland, the camp was lovely, we even a windless night. Today we are heading to Babak Fort. We wind our way through little towns as much as possible, until we hit construction, and oddly enough we spot a sign for a heritage area, The place is called Shahar Yeri and is full of old carvings from 9000 years ago! The official story is that the carvings show mouthless humans holding swords, although it sorta looks like aliens with humans wrapped in leaves. I’ll leave the photos below and you make your own call. Just wait till the Egypt trip! LOL

After trying to unsuccessfully convince Asareh about the possibility of aliens we continue around the area, which was discovered by a farmer not many years ago which is amazing. There were tombs in grey and black rock and the complete area was for rituals. Although no one really knows.

Down the road we stop to let the cat out for a very short run, as I have spotted a fox in the distance so I figure better safe than sorry and we pack our 4 legged friend back up.

Our next stop is Meshginshahr for lunch and to check out a suspension bridge. We luck out and the locals point us to a restaurant that is not doing ramadan(for tourists only) and we are able to get a feed. The food as normal is amazing. And we finish off the afternoon wandering around the local park, the suspension bridge is fun and we also get to see some serious tea making setups. We were going to do some archery/shooting but the line ups were much to long. With our last stop in town at an old castle, sadly no name. but its listed as old castle on google maps, so its easy to find. Not much was left of the ruins.


Running north we are headed for Babak Fort, the poor car, the roads are just up and up and up all the time. It feels like we never get any downhill. We arrive around 4, a little later than we like, but at least we luck out and find a stunning camp with a view. As a bonus its nice and open so the cat is out and running, he has become very well behaved. This will be our last campsite in Iran, and we lucked out. With everything setup we snap a last photo then get into cooking.


We enjoy tea and fake beer into the night, but not to late as we need to be up early tomorrow for our hike. Yes, we actually do walk a bit. But we bitch the whole time.


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