After being pushed to travel by coworkers I packed up and left Canada in 2010 ending up in Australia, and staying put for 9 years. Talk about a long trip. I went through a few vehicles while in Oz, changing builds and mods with time. Becoming more and more efficient over time. With a large amount of outback experience under my belt I kept pushing for more and more wild adventures, and why not?

I also work in mining which puts me out in the wilderness, even in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Which sparks me even more. At the start of 2019 we made the choice to ship the wagon to Africa, I began updating the build in December 2018 for the shipment and before I knew it I was fueling up in Mozambique with a giant smile on my face.

Travelling gives me the chance to experience other cultures and camp in places barely reached by other humans.  So lets keep this story going and go have a peak at our trip in the blog.



Likes: Adventure, beer, fires and isolation

Dislikes: border crossings, mozzies, and IPA beer